Talking Prints – 7th March, Frances Disley

Posted by on Feb 29, 2012 in Events, Talking Prints

On Wednesday 7th February 6pm, Lecture Theater 1, Victoria Uclan Frances Disley will be a speaker for Talking Prints program.  Frances Disley is a visual artist and Director at The Royal Standard Liverpool. Frances creates work that challenges the media’s current negative representation of teenagers. Transforming society’s wastelands into magical landscapes Frances seeks to emphasise the exciting yet terrifying transition from childhood to adulthood. Her recent work has been inspired by William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience where she has drawing parallels with Blake’s concern for the children of London in the 18th century. The vibrant colours used to describe the subject’s clothes are mimicked by the surrounding flora and fauna, which seems to envelop and draw them into the unknown.

Frances creates intricate multilayered linocuts, which are printed onto traditional handmade Japanese paper. Most of the linocuts created have 20 or more hand printed layers. This obsessive, labour intensive process reflects the extreme nature of the adolescent experience.   Her most recent work has taken on a sculptural element using porcelain slip to coat objects which are then fired so that the object burns away she is left with a delicate shell which Is then drawn onto. This forms part of a body of work inspired by tales of rafts, Arcs and adventures. Inspired by The Raft Of The Medusa by Gericault, Shackleton’s endurance expedition she is creating a narrative using a collection of fragments from a forgotten world where youth is the last survivor. These objects hint at calcified cave discoveries and sailor’s scrimshaws.  Frances seeks to celebrate adolescence in all its forms.