ArtLab Contemporary Print Studio is a group of artists who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in printmaking.

The member artists are from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, for some of them printmaking is the core of their artistic development and for others print studio enhances their practice in a different discipline.  We create an environment where members can engage in debate and investigation into contemporary research and strategies.

The ArtLab Contemporary Print Studio is run by an experienced team of friendly Artists. The leading artists are Tracy Hill and Magda Stawarska-Beavan.  We provide guidance and technical advice on all aspects of printmaking. We offer a wide range of facilities for Etching, Relief, Lithography, Silkscreen and Digital.

ArtLab Contemporary Print Studio provides access to the print workshop for 4 hours on a Wednesday evening between 5 and 9 pm for a total of 42 sessions a year. We are based at  University of Central Lancashire in Victoria Building at the Preston Campus.

All artists wishing to become full Artlab Contemporary Print Studio members need to submit a proposal