Intaglio Facilities

The Intaglio studio is well equipped for etching zinc and copper using metal salt etching techniques.  Acrylic aquatint and photopolymer etching is also available.  The Intaglio studio comprises of one small etching bed size 80×38 cm and one large press bed size 93×130 cm – Etch room for ferric chloride and saline sulphate etching, hot plates and inking up areas.

Relief printmaking Facilities

The relief studio is equipped for collagraph, lino and woodblock printmaking with a Columbian press bed size 90×60

Lithography Facilities

The lithography studio is equipped for offset plate and stone lithography with three offset presses and a stone lithography press.

Silkscreen Facilities

We have equipment to produce photographic and hand cut stencils for screens. There are also possibilities for digital preparation of positives for screen making. In our workshop we have 6 screenprinting tables. We use water based printing system. The maximum printing size for screenprinting is 90cm x 140 cm.


There is access to digital printing, we have an Epson stylus Pro 7600 inkjet for printing up to A1 size.


A wide range of papers inks and other printmaking materials can be purchased at each session.